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If we don't have the Retro you're looking for we'll help you find it at no/charge--Ask Us!
Groovy Affordable "Pre-Owned" Furniture

Mid Century Modern
We love this Rare 50's mid century credenza we refinished to its original glory available for sale on our etsy sight

RETROHOLIC Atlanta is Vintage, Modern, Antique Collectable Mid Century store. We are a community that represents everything Unique , Retro, Mid Century and Modern. From Vintage Antique to Vintage Antique Children's Kids previously worn(used) Clothing ----we define Retro.

RETROHOLIC Atlanta was started by two vibrant entrepreneur artists with kids in a home based environment.

In 2011 only using their pick up truck and garage as place of business they sold affordable and vintage hard to find antique items/apparels, at great prices. They proceeded to call them selves VIV Vintage Bargains/Oh my Vintage Antique Contemporary Children's clothing to now the thrill and addiction that transformed into RETROHOLIC

Atlanta Services:
Prop/ scenic rentals.  Help we do that for you. Almost everything in stock is available for production rental, just ask us.
* interior design and decorating Services are available . Whether you want assistance with making the right choices, or designing a room, or house we do it all. 

* Delivery services. If you have purchased from us or not we offer pick up and delivery services.
DeKalb, Fulton county, Gwinnett, Henry county, Cobb, Clayton, DeKalb county, Riverdale, Jonesboro. All metro Counties.

If we don't have the Retro you're looking for we'll help you find it at no/charge
--Ask Us!
770.899.7930 or 770.899.3219 

MCM Chesterfield Tuff Back Couch
MCM Mid-Century Chesterfield Tuff Back Couch--$450

* Refinishing/painting and customization. Majority of our pieces are refinished or painted. You can bring in your items from dressers, tables and we will refinish or restore them . We also customize in building trunk tables as well. Each piece is customized as the artists interprets it or you can have it made the way you like. Send us an email how you want it and we have a sketch drawn for you to see your customize trunk.


*Atlanta, Decatur DeKalb Antique is the Ultimate green 

 Buying vintage antique is the ultimate green way to shop. You decrease your carbon footprint through manufacturing. You are recycling, in the the best sense of the world. That beautiful 50"s lamp don't end up in a landfill ( and your cooler than your friends for getting )

* How our Store works

First spend some time hunting through our photo galleries. But even if you are looking for something in specific , browse through the other galleries of for sale or sold galleries. You will definitely find something you didn't know you needed or may take advantage of our hunting services. 

* Scavenger Services 

* You pay us to find the perfect item for your home, apartment or office. We are your private treasure hunters. 

Then call us to set up a time for a representative to give you a call or to view the item . If you love it we offer Free 20 mile delivery from our Decatur location. 

If you have a long list of items, email that list to is and we can get the items ready for your viewing. 

Or call us at 7708997930 or 7708993219 with any questions.

We are flexible and will make ourselves available by appointment. And you can take your item home right away or have it delivered same day. 

Check back often  if you do not want to miss the latest treasure . Everything sells fast. If you are looking for something specific, let us know . We will keep an eye out for you . It's like having your own personal shopper and clothing guru to help you save money.


* Where do we find our old pieces?

We search high and low more than 100 estate sales, auctions, garage sales, flea markets and online outlets each week

* What kind of pieces do we buy


Every piece we purchase speaks to us. There's no single style or perspective .As you browse our website, you will see range of styles from Mid Century, Modern, Mid Century, Retro 60"s , to shabby Chic , Unique art work & apparel. Each piece shares the retro look. We look for pieces that are different in its own ways, classic, with personality. Each piece are picked as if it will go in our home. 

Our store has something for everyone to buy at great prices . You save money and keep money in your pockets or whether it's for TV shows, Designers or yourself. 

We offer edgy one of a kind pieces with options. 

Set designers and interior designers love our retro clothes and furniture. Massacre , Devious maids, Season 4 have purchased or rented items from RETROHOLIC or used Whites Carpet & Upholstery cleaning Service for sets. Celebrities have shopped at RETROHOLIC as well.

metro Atlanta Georgia, Fulton county, Ga, DeKalb county, Decatur, Fulton county
Decatur refurbished used contemporary Mid Century.  Buy old retro furniture
Email or call us at 770.899.7930 or 770.899.3219 with any questions.

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